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About Us

ISS Forged manufactures a highly distinctive and exclusive range of forged wheels and performance products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal. From our elaborate design process to our aerospace quality components, ISS Forged is a leader when it comes to quality and performance.

  ISS Forged Wheels

No Mass Production

This decision allows for us to focus on our individual brands and ensure that each one of our builds receives the personal attention it deserves so that we can continue to exceed the expectations of our clients.




Wheel Durability Testing

Prior to introducing a wheel to our lineup we send our wheels to an independent laboratory for testing. The independent laboratory tests the wheels in the following areas:



Dynamic cornering fatigue test:

The transverse forces which affect the wheel during driving through bends are simulated.


Dynamic radial fatigue test:

The stress that the wheel is subjected to while traveling straight or through corners is simulated.


Impact test:

Components of the wheel such as the center disc, rim flange, and assembled elements are strength tested against breaking and air-leaks are simulated.

  Once we have received the seal of approval on all of the above areas, then we will introduce the wheel to our product line.  



Wheel Buld Workflow

Each build receives the individual attention of our team. Once we have invoiced your order we convert the invoice to a work order, which is then entered into our production management system and monitored daily by our Production Manager.



Phase One (Order Review and Staging)

The hard copy begins its voyage at the desk of our SEMA Certified Wheel and Tire Specialist whom cross-checks and inspects the fitment to assure all details are on point and no issues exist.

Once the fitment has been signed off, our in-house Industrial Designer designs and programs the necessary files, and queues the order for lathe turning and CNC machining.

While the above action is taking place, the Warehouse Manager is assigning a designated bin for your build where he will immediately stage all components that pertain to your order. This is done in the early stages to prevent any last minute setback where parts are missing when assembly is necessary.


Phase Two (Machining and Finishing)

Once Phase One is completed and signed off by all parties involved, the work order is then handed off to our in-house Machinist who is responsible for lathe turning and CNC machining your build.

Upon completion of the machining, the work order is then passed on to our finishing department where your wheels will be cross-inspected and hand detailed to remove any blemishes. After a prepping process, the wheels are Powder Coated and staged for assembly. During assembly, the wheels will be torqued to industry standard specifications and also spun to test radial run out to ensure that all OEM tolerances are met.


Phase Three (Quality Control and Packaging)

When your wheels reach this stage they are inspected by our Production Manager who is looking for finishing imperfections, confirming bolt circle and offsets, torque specifications, and radial run out details. Once the Production Manager signs off on your order, we then finalize the process with our elaborate four-point protection packaging and stage the order for shipping.